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Concrete Sand Shot Blaster Blasting Room Photy FTS Series

Concrete Sand Shot Blaster Blasting Room Photy FTS Series

Foundry shot blasting machine;
Structural Steel shot blasting machine;
Engineering shot blasting machine;
Vessel shot blasting machine;
Stone shot blasting machine......


Concrete Sand Shot Blaster Blasting Room Photy FTS Series

This series of concrete shot blaster is mainly used for cleaning the surface of steel plate and all kinds of small-sized steel. Shot blasting cleaning can help remove rust, dirt and oxide skin on the surface of the steel, etc., making the steel clean and strengthened as well as improve the steel surface and inner quality. It can be used in conjunction with equipment for preheating, spraying and drying to form a production line, or merely be used for shot blasting cleaning.

The rolled steel is sent by a steel roller conveyor to the closed blasting chamber. The blades of the high-speed rotating impeller head accelerate to hit the surface of workpiece in order to strike, scrape the surface and remove the rust and dirt on it. And then, use the rolling brush and high-pressure blower to sweep the deposited steel shots and dust. After cleaning, the rolled steel is quickly sent out to the next process through the roller.

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Foundry shot blasting;

Precision spare parts shot blasting;

Structural Steel shot blasting;

Engineering shot blasting;

Car shot blasting;

Vessel shot blasting;

Stone shot blasting.

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We, PHOTY CASTING, now take pride in introducing us as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the concrete sand shot blaster blasting room photy fts series in China to you. Welcome to buy the precise machine from our factory. It's of high precision and good performance.

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