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Roller Conveyor Abrasives Shot Sandblasting Machine Photy FTW Series For Sale

Roller Conveyor Abrasives Shot Sandblasting Machine Photy FTW Series For Sale

1. Foundry, Precision spare parts shot blasting machine;
2. Structural Steel shot blasting machine;
3. Engineering machine shot blasting machine;
4. Car, vessel shot blasting machine;
5. Stone shot blasting machine.


Roller Conveyor Abrasives Shot Sandblasting Machine Photy FTW Series For Sale



Can be designed by customer’s requirement

Door through size/mm


Impeller head total







Handling speed/m/min


Total power/kw


Outside size L/mm*b/mm*h/mm


Net belt through type roller conveyor shot blasting machine is mainly used in automobile, aerospace, railway and machinery manufacturing industry, especially suitable for shot blasting the thin-walled iron castings or aluminum alloy castings and other small-sized parts as well as strengthening the surfaces of machine parts.   


Net belt through type shot blasting process sends the workpieces to closed blasting chamber by net belt conveying system, and uses the high-speed blades to eject steel shots onto the workpiece surfaces. It is a shot blasting equipment for cleaning disc shaped castings, forgings, structural parts, and etc..

1. Use net belt. Adjustable moving speed of the net belt. Evenly shot blasting. High cleaning efficiency.

2. Use steel net belt. Easy to leak slag crust. Good heat dispersion. Effectively clean the high-heat workpieces.

3.The shots circular purification system uses an overflow-inducted full-curtain multistage winnowing separator and a special elevator belt made of polyester wire core in order to realize shots sorting and recycling;

4. The blasting chamber is equipped with multi-layer sealing curtains to adapt to different diameters of steel pipes. The shot blasting dedusting system adopts the pulse cartridge dust collector, ensuring good cleaning effect and long service life.

Customer service:

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Professional manufacturer in shot blasting industry for 18 years, was established in 1998.

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1. Foundry shot blasting machine;

2. Precision spare parts shot blasting machine;

3. Structural Steel shot blasting machine;

4. Engineering shot blasting machine;

5. Car shot blasting machine;

6. Vessel shot blasting machine;

7. Stone shot blasting machine.

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