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Hook Type Shot Blasting & Peening Machine Service For Cleaning, Deburring And Enhancing The Appearance Of A Metal Surface

Hook Type Shot Blasting & Peening Machine Service For Cleaning, Deburring And Enhancing The Appearance Of A Metal Surface

1. Efficient cleaning and deburring over the entire part, to the tightest tolerances.
2. Variety of grade, or size, of the steel shot to provide the required surface finish and strength compression.
3.Ability to handle a wide size range of parts and components, including complex shapes.
4.Ability to finish many metals, including aluminum, steel, steel forgings and machine parts.


Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine are used for desanding and decoring of pieces. small, medium and very large parts can be economically cleaned. They are applied for:

1. Foundry parts.

2. Precision spare parts.

3. Stucture steel.

4. Engineering machines.

5. Cars and vehicles.

6. Vessels and boats.

7. Stone materials. 

8. Main blast cabinet with inspection door.
9. Blast wheel units with drive mechanism.
10. Abrasive circulation unit.
11. Bucket elevator unit.
12. Abrasive separation/cleaning system with storage hopper.
13. Dust collector with cleaning mechanism.
14. Roller conveyor system at inlet & outlet side.
15. Control panel with PLC control system.

Work pricinple:

1. The steel shots blasted by blasting turbines will be collected, purifying by shots circle system and continue to be used again for blasting turbines.

2. The working process flow of shots circle system: steel shots blasted by blasting turbines will be collected by portrait screw conveyor and delivered to bucket elevator then the bucket elevator will lift to air wash type separator.

3. After separating, the dust and broken steel shots will be removed away from steel shots and good steel shots will enter storage bin.

Main features:

1.Applicable to many varieties, large, casting, forging, welding and heat treatment of surface cleaning or reinforcement;
2.Single hook type and double type two kind of main form;
3.Chamber adopts fully closed structure, no  splash phenomenon;
4.With special wear-resistant alloy cast iron plate;
5.Using electric hoist implementation artifacts on unloading, lifting and walking;
6.Using rotation devise implementation artifacts in indoor blasting of positive and negative rotation;
7.Use automatic or manual control.

Photy offers a variety of component shot blasting solutions. Each device is designed to handle a particular type of part or application, using a rotating hook (or hook shot) machine that is the same. The blasting machine is designed to handle mixed-loaded medium and large components, often including brittle or irregularly shaped workpieces. Standard hook shot blasting machine with a variety of sizes and configurations: working cylinder 900 to 1300 mm, height 1300 - 2200mm optional. The standard model has 3 wheels and, if necessary, can add more wheels to meet the needs of greater coverage.

When the stops are in 3 different positions, the grinding of the grinding wheel can achieve better abrasive coverage.

Through the lifting hook, man-machine control of the workpiece loading. We can also provide self-propelled trolley.

According to the need, we can also provide a special hook-type shot blasting machine, working diameter up to 7m, more than 50 tons of large cranes.


Hook shot blasting machine specifications


FTQ378 Single hook

FTQ378 double hook


Max loading capacity of single hook/kg




Can be designed according to the workpiece size and customer's requirements

Max cleaning workpiece




Hook qty/pc




Impeller head





Blasting qty per set/(kg/min)




Power per set/kw




Cleaning chamber size L*B*H/mm




Total power/kw




Rotary hook (hook type) Shot blasting machine general purpose:

Brittle or irregularly shaped parts

Medium or large parts

Molded parts

Sand removal

External finishing

Due to the absence of component-to-component contact, the device itself can handle medium and large irregularly shaped parts.

Photy Hook System provides cost-effective solutions for batch cleaning, deburring, rust, sand sand, burr and shot blasting for a wide range of products.

Advantages and benefits:

Low drop

Better shot blasting coverage

Larger abrasive flow

Lower maintenance and operating costs

Less initial investment

Complete shot blasting coverage, no tumbling damage or parts tangled

We, PHOTY CASTING, now take pride in introducing us as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the hook type shot blasting & peening machine service for cleaning, deburring and enhancing the appearance of a metal surface in China to you. Welcome to buy the precise machine from our factory. It's of high precision and good performance.

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