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  • Belt Shot Blasting Machine For Bulk Materials And Metal Continuous

    Contact NowBelt Shot Blasting Machine For Bulk Materials And Metal ContinuousPhoty belt shot blasting machine for bulk materials and metal continuous is used for surface cleaning of products such as marble, basalt, granite, plate, border, cobblestone, tapping lounders, etc. The parts to be sandblasted move forward on the machine’s conveyor belt and turbines located on...Read More

  • Belt Shot Blasting Machine Continuous Marble

    Contact NowBelt Shot Blasting Machine Continuous MarblePhoty wire mesh belt shot blasting machine is mostly used to process medium to large die casting, pressure castings, forgings, heat-treated parts, automotive components, ferrous and non-ferrous castings, welded constructions, and fabrications. Parts can weight from 1 kg to 100 kg or more and are...Read More

  • Tumble Conveyor Belt Type Shot Blast Machine Photy FTQ32 Series For Sale

    Contact NowTumble Conveyor Belt Type Shot Blast Machine Photy FTQ32 Series For Sale1. Direct-coupled impeller head with simple structure and long service life.
    2. BE-type separator; Good separating effect, high productivity and positively improve the blades.
    3. Bag-type dust collector; dust emission concentrations below national standards; improve the labor environment.
    4. Wear-resisting rubber belts; reduce the collision and damage phenomenon of the workpieces; reduce the noise of the machine.
    Read More

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