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Why Not Choose The Second-hand Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines In The Market
Jul 19, 2017

The fee-makers found that there were many second-hand Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines in the mall, and that many of these devices were also excellent in appearance, and that their prices were much lower than those of ordinary Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines. But our customers are still picking up new products. Why is that? The staff of the site for everyone to do a simple analysis. Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines attributed to the loss of equipment, many of them in the long-term use of some may appear to be more or less aging, Wear and tear. Moreover, the after-sale service of the Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines is usually in one to three years. While the second-hand Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines is usually over insured.

In the factory suspension may be the suspension of after-sales service, if we use these Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines in the process of showing some problems, it may be that the aging of the equipment will require a mechanical repair of the Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines. And it is difficult to ensure the quality of the repairs without the technical support of the factory. This is not only a high cost of repair, but also a great impact on the performance of the equipment, resulting in more repair costs later. So many hours in the purchase of Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines time to save more money can be spent on repairs.

The placement mode of shot blasting chamber and shot blasting device of steel structure shot peening machine is determined after three-dimensional dynamic ejection simulation of computer.

A direct-attached cantilever centrifugal shot blasting device with qx30ds Gao velocity is selected.

The blasting room body is made of 8mm thick steel plate welded into box type structure, high strength without attack vibration. The internal selection of cast steel MN13 Guard Plate Protection (single class 2-3 years of production), retaining plate selection of the joint, useful to prolong the use of the body, and can fully use the rebound of projectiles constitute two times.

The 8-way loose-leaf Shang sealed V-shaped equipment can be used to obstruct the projectile splashing, and the wear and tear of the components on the seals, the other sealing layer selection of high wear-resistant rubber plate seals.

In order to reduce the drop of the ball in the process of the bottom hopper friction, in the hopper are rich in buffer angle steel.

In order to avoid the workpiece on the operation of the material is not running in the process of deviation, at both ends of the rollers have a baffle. According to the size of the workpiece to determine the open number of shot blasting device, so as to reduce unnecessary energy waste, together to reduce the unnecessary broken ring.

The system chooses special gas-controlled ball gate valve and workpiece photoelectric inspection to avoid projectile throwing. I choose the cylinder gate valve for delicate lightweight type without base, ear seat cylinder, more than the traditional seat cylinder more stable, reliable, and easy to repair.

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