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What Is The Advantage Of Shot Blasting Machine Compared To Sandblasting?
Jun 16, 2017

Shot blasting machine relative to the traditional manual sandblasting what are the advantages? The following by my factory to explain to you under the shot blasting machine relative to the traditional manual sandblasting machine What are the advantages? If you have the needs of shot blasting machine please contact us, we will provide you with professional shot blasting machine technical training and guidance.

The international advanced cantilever centrifugal blasting machine with large shot peening and high ejection speed can significantly improve the clean-up rate, obtain satisfactory cleaning quality, all the drawings of the simulated ejector and shot blasting machine are completely computer-aided design (CAD) Drawing, shot blasting machine selection and layout is more reasonable. Instead of the traditional artificial sandblasting, work efficiency, the use of shot blasting sand throwing the amount of sand is the traditional manual sandblasting machine 30-60 times to ensure the timely and rapid completion of the project;

2. Shot blasting machine shot blasting grit speed can reach 70-80m / s, the traditional sandblasting machine sandblasting speed of 50m / s, shot blasting machine shot out of the sand has a greater kinetic energy can be more Thoroughly remove the surface of the workpiece rust and welding slag and oxide to make it a certain degree of uniformity uniform metallic luster surface to remove the stress, improve the quality of steel surface coating and corrosion resistance.

3. Uniformity, because the shot blasting machine shot blasting machine power is certain so the shot blasting machine shot blasting after the workpiece surface shot blasting effect is basically the same, unlike the traditional sand blasting artificial operation, random type is relatively large of.

4. Environmental protection, shot blasting machine with a professional dust, to ensure that environmental effects, while reducing labor intensity, replacing the traditional sandblasting machine artificial sandblasting, poor working environment, work safety is improved.

5. Shot blasting machine shot effect can be based on the conveyor roller frequency control to adjust the effect of shot blasting.

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