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The Working Principle And Characteristics Of Dust Free Automatic Shot Blasting Machine
Sep 22, 2017

First, the dust-free automatic shot blasting machine works:

Clean surface blasting machine surface cleaning method is an advanced surface cleaning method, in the casting industry and the use of more coating industry, foreign common continuous shot blasting machine mainly crawler shot blasting machine, swing drum shot blasting machine, Special crawler-type shot blasting machine, mesh belt shot blasting machine, roller-type shot blasting machine, stepped vibrating slot type shot blasting machine, and several. It completely abandons the practice of compressed air for power, so that the surface clean-up work more efficient, more secure, more low consumption. But these devices are to take the workpiece movement fixed fixed mode of operation, bulky, is not suitable for use in the bridge anti-corrosion construction.

Clean automatic shot blasting machine is a unique design of the efficient shot blasting / sand rust removal equipment, the machine body small and flexible, continuous walking in the workpiece rust, automatic, high efficiency, suitable for handling large plane of the workpiece, such as steel Bridge deck, ship deck, floor and so on.

Clean the automatic shot blasting machine working principle: the use of shot blasting machine high-speed rotation of the cast steel or steel shot at high speed to the surface of the workpiece, with the impact of sand pills on the surface of the oxide layer and corrosion products destroyed. Shot blasting machine like a car in the workpiece automatically walk, you can get a continuous uniform sandblasting surface.

Clean automatic shot blasting machine abrasive circulation path: hopper storage abrasive → into the abrasive control valve → into the sub-ball round → throw high-speed projectile → parts of the surface was cleaned → abrasive rebound to the sand chamber → abrasive was sucked back to the hopper, so To achieve the automatic recovery of abrasive recycling.

Dust-free automatic shot blasting machine dust movement path: the surface of the workpiece dust (broken oxide and corrosion products and parts of the abrasive broken products) → with the abrasive together to be sucked back to the hopper → by the dust sand separator to separate the dust → The dust cleaner enters the dust collector. The clean air after filtering off the dust is discharged into the atmosphere.

Second, the dust-free automatic shot blasting machine Features:

(1) the entire system by the shot back to the sand part, walking part, dust collector, controller and other simple institutions;

(2) PLC control, adjustable parameters, by adjusting the walking speed and into the sand, can achieve the desired cleaning effect;

(3) flexible operation, can be forward, back and turn, continuous work, any part of the large plane can be uniform and uniform rust quality;

(4) abrasive and dust automatic recovery treatment, do not leak sand, do not pollute the environment;

(5) construction efficiency, a shot blasting effective width of 500mm.

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