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The Diversity Of Shot Blasting Machine Is Irreplaceable
Jun 16, 2017

Shot blasting machine are mainly used in factories dominated by steel production, and as the last degree of steel production, the appearance of the casting pieces to clean up and pick. Although the shot blasting machine is a fully automated equipment, but still need to have skilled workers to operate, so as to prevent the equipment in the production process failure, only to familiar with the shot blasting machine workers to operate, in order to allow shot blasting machine The efficiency of the play to the maximum, in order to make the machine to do the least damage.

First of all, for the operation of shot blasting machine workers must be carried out after the job training, and before the job must be clear and familiar with the performance of the shot blasting machine and a variety of characteristics, so as to allow the machine to maximize efficiency, To bring greater efficiency of production. Be familiar with the operation of the shot blasting machine and the use of various procedures, to know how to maintain and maintain machinery and equipment.

Second, before the start of work in the shot blasting machine, be sure to first check the machinery and equipment, to check whether the switch is set in the required position, only before the start of the inspection work is completed before the boot. Before the start of the inspection, is to reduce the adverse operation of the adverse, in order to avoid damage to machinery and equipment, causing accidents.

Finally, when the shot blasting machine work, only to allow the shot blasting machine operators in the field, other non-operators do not arbitrarily to the vicinity of shot blasting machine, but also prohibit non-staff to operate shot blasting machine, so as to avoid accidents. And for the operation of shot blasting machine staff at work time to wear protective clothing, to bring good glasses, the operator in the course of the operation found any abnormalities must promptly shut down the machine.

In industrial production, many steel castings may appear rust, oxidation and a series of reactions, leading to industrial castings can not be used for industrial production. Shot blasting machine is a kind of effective machine which is specially used in steel castings or forging rust, clear sand and remove oxide film on casting surface. Shot blasting machine cleaning principle is through high-speed rotation or movement of the pellets projected onto the casting surface, so that the pill impact the surface of the casting, and then within the machine through the matching vacuum cleaner air cleaning, the pill and clean down the impurities were recovered , Through the polishing of the casting performance to fully recover, widely used in modern industry. Shot blasting machine does not contain a large amount of silicon powder as in the traditional rust machine, which will not cause serious impact on the environment, accord with the green environmental protection concept.

The use of shot blasting machine can bring a variety of protection to the enterprise, its diversity is irreplaceable, and the variety of models, not only drum type, as well as trolley, hook, crawler, etc., a wide variety For customers to choose, customers can choose according to different purposes.

In the use of shot blasting machine to pay attention to the following questions: 1, the installation according to the instructions or installation drawings to complete the request, can not blindly operate. 2, if to ensure that all aspects of the installation are accurate, start the test, it should be part of the first part of the test to ensure that each part of the operation are normal no problem, and then the whole car all tested, and finally put into operation.

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