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The Design Principle Of Sandblasting Room
Jun 16, 2017

Sandblasting room design should not only reflect the level of development of contemporary painting, but also to practical principles, with the lowest investment, the lowest operating costs, the least maintenance probability, the most simple mode of operation for the design goals.

1, advanced

System design and equipment to reflect the requirements of modern production, in the funds allowed under the premise, as far as possible the use of advanced technology and design. Advanced nature is mainly reflected in the high efficiency of sand blasting, easy control, dust handling capacity. Electrical control system control cabinet centralized control, equipment, respectively, control, work status display, security system display.

2, practicality

Sandblasting room design must first consider its practical, practical mainly reflected in the practical and reliable, less failure rate, easy maintenance, easy replacement parts.

3, environmental protection

Sandblasting room will produce a lot of dust, in the design of dust leakage, in particular, consider the door of the seal; to minimize the dust emissions; sandblasting workers breathing air, by specially treated special air to supply. In addition, take full action to reduce noise.

4, security

As the sandblasting room operating environment is poor, the workers in a sealed environment, and with a certain risk, therefore, sandblasting room design, the layout of the internal structure of the room, maintenance and repair of the transport system, electrical system design and Layout, must be considered from a security point of view. GB7692-87 "Safety Code for Painting Operation - Pretreatment Process Safety"; GB7693 "Safety Code for Painting Operation - Pretreatment Process for Paint Painting" GB16297 "Chinese People's Republic of China Republic of the comprehensive emissions of air pollutants. "

Sandblasting room is composed of sandblasting body and protection, sand material recovery system, host (sand blasting tank), rail transportation, dust removal system, air compression system (customer-owned), electrical system and so on. The program is equipped with two high-pressure sandblasting Tsui, workers can be free to move the nozzle for sandblasting the product; configure two blowing sand wind Tsui, to facilitate the workers to the final clean-up.

1, the main technical requirements and parameters

① sandblasting capacity should reach 240 square meters / 8 hours / 1 to blasting Tsui.

② sandblasting level requirements: Sa2.5 level.

③ dust removal system dust removal system dust concentration should be <120mg / m³.

2, the process

Sandblasting process clamping work on the flatbed - into the sand chamber (sandblasting) - clean up the dust - a sandblasting room

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