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Steel Surface Connection Section Of The Sandblasting Treatment Can Increase The Friction Coefficient Of The Steel Surface?
Mar 25, 2017

Steel primary surface treatment mainly refers to the steel before processing and assembly, the first surface treatment work, its purpose is to play a temporary role in the protection of steel. A surface treatment methods are sandblasting, sandblasting, pickling and other methods. The most used is steel sandblasting.

Sandblasting can be carried out under sealed conditions. Vacuuming device, automatic painting, is the most efficient automated assembly line operation. Its advantages of hanger type shot blasting machine are as follows.

(1) according to the use of steel can be cleaned to a level of specifications, and can get a uniform finish surface.

(2) closed operation, no dust flying.

(3) for more than 5mm steel, wide flat steel and steel.

(4) fast, high efficiency, quality and stability.

Steel pretreatment pipeline process, to go through: steel plate leveling, preheating, sand blasting, automatic painting, after heating, steel transport, lifting a few processes.

Preheat can remove the moisture on the steel grid, shorten the drying time of the workshop primer, but can not completely remove the grease, so if the steel is stained with grease, must first degrease work. Preheat generally around 40 ℃, too low to achieve the effect, too high energy consumption is high, and easy to make the workshop primer blistering.

Sandblasting abrasive with iron balls, steel balls, edges and corners of sand and wire, etc., is the ideal abrasive is mixed with abrasive, the diameter of 0.8 ~ 1.5mm is appropriate. The sandblasting density is determined by the injection amount and the steel conveying speed. The rust effect is affected by the degree of rust of the steel. It is necessary to determine the conveying speed and the injection amount in the steel state. In all cases, the specified surface treatment level reaches Sa21 / 2 (ISO8501-1: 1988) or SSPC SP-10.

The physical and mechanical properties, adhesion and corrosion resistance of the shop primer are largely determined by the surface roughness after blasting. There are many ways to measure surface roughness. The most accurate method is to use a laser roughness meter. The easiest way to use in the field is to compare with the roughness model.

The sprayed steel sheet is transported to the spray booth, and the shop primer is airlessly sprayed by a moving long-arm gun. And then through the supply of hot air drying room. Then the steel plate can be transported, stacked spare. The purpose of sandblasting is to rust, remove the surface of the oil impurities, if the blasting roughness than the original increase, the friction coefficient can be improved. If the steel section has not been processed, the roughness after blasting did not improve, the friction coefficient did not change.

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