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Specification For Operation Of Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines
May 19, 2017

Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines for batch pipe in the welding or coating before the outer surface of its continuous shot blasting, thoroughly rust, in addition to scaling and other dirt, is the pipeline cleaning experts. After the shot blasting treatment, so that a certain roughness of the smooth surface, increase the adhesion of spraying, improve the surface quality and anti-corrosion effect. Its excellent cleaning performance makes the past labor-intensive sandblasting and wire brush methods become obsolete. At the same time, the Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines will be the lowest cost of production, and greatly improve the output. Before using the steel pipe shot blasting machine must carefully read the following, mainly divided into three parts:

Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines First, the use of the inspection before work.

1, check the circuit connection is safe and reliable. Whether the connection point is loose.

2, check the crane's working status of each button is normal.

3, check whether the existence of iron sand, iron sand stock is normal.

4, if abnormal circumstances, should be corrected immediately.

Second, the motor fixed.

1, the motor fixed on the pole of the pole should be solid.

2, placed when the motor should pay attention to balance, the boom should be basically vertical.

Structural Steel Shot Blasting Machines Third, note:

1, steel pipe shot blasting machine does not work to prevent iron sand board knot, every two days must be required to run the program once, the time is not less than five minutes.

2, need to work on the top of the pipe shot blasting machine should wear safety protection device

3, the work area should not be stacked around the debris.

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