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Shot Blasting Machine Used To Deal With The Advantages Of High-frequency Welded Steel Pipe Surface
Jan 04, 2017

Shot blasting machine rust corrosion is the ideal way rust. In general, shot peening rust is mainly used for pipe surface treatment, shot blasting is mainly used for pipe surface treatment.

Shot blasting machine is through the high-power motor-driven high-speed rotation of the blade blasting machine, so that steel grit, steel balls, wire segments, minerals and other abrasive in the centrifugal force on the surface of steel shot blasting machine processing, not only can be completely removed Rust, oxides and dirt, and steel in the abrasive abrasive impact and the role of friction, but also to achieve the required uniformity of roughness.

Shot blasting machine has the advantage of not only can expand the surface of the shot after the physical adsorption of the role, and can enhance the anti-corrosion layer and the mechanical adhesion of the surface of the tube.

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