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Shot Blasting Machine Use
Jan 04, 2017

Shot blasting machine is the use of steel balls sent to the high-speed rotation of the disc, the use of centrifugal force, so that high-speed shot of the steel parts hit the surface to achieve the purpose of light decoration, Shotblast cleaning machine parts to produce surface compressive stress, And does not contain silicon powder, the environmental pollution.

Shot blasting machine is mainly used as follows:

① shot blasting machine to make parts of the surface compressive stress, can increase their fatigue strength and tensile stress corrosion resistance;

② shot blasting machine can twist the thin-walled parts to be corrected;

③ shot blasting machine to replace the general process of cold and hot forming process, the large-scale thin-walled aluminum parts forming process, not only to avoid the residual tensile stress on the part surface, but also to obtain favorable parts of the compressive stress. Should be noted that: shot blasting machine treated parts of the use of temperature can not be too high, otherwise the compressive stress at high temperatures will automatically disappear, thus losing the desired results. Their use of the material temperature of the decision, for the general steel parts is about 260-290 ℃, aluminum parts only 170 ℃.

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