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Shot Blasting Machine Sealing Problem
Jan 04, 2017

The use of the latest full-sealed structure, to prevent the projectile or dust from the top of the sealing device outside the escape, in the door of the device design of the internal spring-loaded steel rubber sheet, So that the top of the device with fully sealed structure, the dust can only escape from the gate of the device, so as long as the import and export of equipment installed dust removal port can be a good solution to the problem of dust outside the escapement in the door open when the dust will be very Easy to be sucked away to avoid the previous care of the top of the dust inlet design at the top caused by the door or the top of the dust escape the bucket elevator anti-reverse device, in order to prevent the fighting machine due to a sudden power failure, or unexpected shutdown Caused by the hoisting machine with a reversal of the lifting device damage caused by the design of a bucket with anti-reverse device.

The unique separator variable pitch variable pitch structure.The separator projectile pellet circulation system to obtain qualified projectile and improve the quality of the projectile to extend the life of the key components of wearing parts, in order to get a good separation effect we use variable pitch variable pitch Structure to prevent the small projectile from being shot into the dust box of the dust collector to prevent the small projectile from dropping into the dust box, we designed the projectile dropping chamber with the function of automatic projectile backflow, and the dust drop can beautify the projectile about 0.2mm. Of the loop conveyor production experience.Working parts conveying system safe and reliable operation is very important, in the walking hoist frequency control, electric hoist trolley line transmission reliability has accumulated a lot of experience, will use the reliable performance of the trolley line and stability Of the electric hoist installation structure to ensure the safe operation of the shot blasting machine equipment.

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