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Shot Blasting Machine How To Adjust
Nov 03, 2017

Shot blasting machine installed in place, before the official production and use, there must be a correct debugging process, among them, the overhead adjustment is crucial. Proper adjustment can make the shot blasting machine achieve the best working condition, and the blasting efficiency is high, the energy is saved, and the shot blasting effect is good. So how do we adjust shot blasting machine throw it? Here are some knowledge points, manufacturers to expand description.

1, throwing force adjustment

In order to achieve a good projectile effect, shot blasting machine throwing machine (throwing head) must be matched with the ideal steel flow control valve, to ensure that there is enough shot blasting shot amount. Steel shot through the flow control valve can adjust the amount of shot blasting shots. In the adjustment, the need to consider the shotbrush motor can withstand the maximum current value. Adjust the amount of shot blasting, rotating steel ball flow control valve adjustment screw can be adjusted according to the actual amount of shot blasting. The maximum current must be consistent with the amount of current passed by the shot blast motor. Working current value should be 90% of the maximum current value, through the ammeter to adjust the amount of shot blasting. The larger the current, the greater the amount of shot blasting

2, throwing angle adjustment

After the final installation of shot blasting machine positioning should be based on the specific working conditions of the device for careful debugging. Blasting machine shot blasting machine throwing coverage area is a fan-shaped surface, the fan-shaped surface to the workpiece the greater the distance, the greater the projectile area, but the smaller the impact of steel shots, so the best projection distance in the case of throwing Pills width of 80cm. Turn the orientation sleeve to adjust the direction of shots and jets within the projection range. However, if the jet is too far to the left or right, the projectile power will be weakened and the abrasion of the guard plate will be accelerated.

In the case of

According to the following method can debug a shot blasting machine the best projection mode.

1, will be a light rust or mark the paint wiping steel placed in the blast area projectile.

2, start blasting device. Motor speed up to the appropriate speed.

3, using the control valve (manual) to open the shot blasting gate, about 5 seconds later, the shot material is sent to the impeller, the metal rust on the slightly corroded steel is cleared.

4, determine the location of the projectile, with a 12-inch adjustable wrench on the platen of the three hex bolts loose to the orientation of the sleeve can be rotated by hand, and then tighten the orientation sleeve.

5, prepare a new projection map to test the best settings.

6, 3 to 5 repeated several times until the best projection position.

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