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Shot Blasting Machine Development History, The Original Is So To The
Oct 10, 2017

Shot blasting machine is a casting tool, he is to rely on shot blasting thrown out of the high-speed projectile to strengthen, in addition to core and clean up the surface of the object, in some parts of our country also called shot blasting machine is a blasting machine or playing Sandblasting machine, shot blasting machine is so popular because it is compared with those other surface treatment tools, shot blasting machine with more efficient and faster processing technology, and shot blasting machine can also retain part of the stamping process.

The first shot blasting machine was made in a company in the United States in the 1930s. As for our Chinese shot blasting machine, it was made in the 1950s and was able to succeed The production of shot blasting machine or imitation of the former Soviet Union shot blasting machine technology.

Shot blasting machine can be used to strengthen, clean up the surface of the object, it can also be used to rust, to the diaphragm and deburring, but to do so, will also affect the appearance of the device surface or integrity. If the shot blasting machine to strengthen the object, then the first thing to remove the surface of this object contaminants clean, and then provide a layer can be used to increase the surface of the object hub, so you can easily play the role of strengthening the object The.

And shot blasting machine and shot blasting machine is not the same, because the shot blasting machine is mainly used to reduce the degree of fatigue, increase the surface stress of the object to prevent the use of objects in the process of fatigue due to the use of unnecessary micro-action, The safety of the work of the object. So the beginning of the shot blasting machine is used in the casting industry, he can be very good to remove the surface of the cast iron scale and adhere to the sand.

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