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Shot Blasting Machine Compared With The Sandblasting Machine
Feb 07, 2017

Compared with the sand blasting machine, the shot blasting machine has the advantages of big efficiency, high efficiency and high surface clean degree, which can improve the surface fatigue strength of the workpiece obviously, but it is not suitable for the precision workpieces, and the equipment investment is great and the blade wears fast. .

Shot blasting machine is the working principle of the iron is installed in the fast-moving impeller, the impeller rotation generated by the centrifugal force of the iron shot to the surface of the projectile shot blasting machine impeller structure shown in Figure 5 a 21 impeller by two Circular plates, connected together by connecting bolts, 8 radially mounted blades between the plates, the impeller being outsourced with an open downward steel plate shell, the iron pellets being fitted into the funnel and passing through the chute into the distribution wheel, And then through the edge of the gap into the main wheel of the work on the blade. Because the wheel speed is very high, iron pills in a large centrifugal force under the action of a high speed throwing the workpiece iron shot direction controlled by the cylinder cover .

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