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Several Shot Blasting Techniques For Shot Blasting Machine
May 19, 2017

Shot blasting technology after the introduction of China, the rapid development of shot blasting machine industry, from the initial drum-type shot blasting machine to the crawler, hook, turntable, etc., the birth of a very large number of species, shot blasting enhanced clean- Industry has created a huge impact. General-purpose shot blasting machine from the beginning of the casting industry to use sand, and now a variety of hardware, sheet metal pieces of welding slag cleaning, rust, etc., there are still many industries need to shoot but can not meet. For example, in recent years the introduction of stone surface wool shot blasting machine, replacing the fire process, improve production efficiency, so that large-scale application of wool stone can be achieved.

Efforts to develop the use of shot blasting machine industry, the application of a lot of shot blasting machine manufacturers to become the direction of development. Exclusive special type shot blasting machine can be more fit shot blasting workers, shot blasting effect is good, high efficiency. Fill the gaps in the universal shot blasting equipment that can not be completely effective.

Spring-enhanced shot blasting machine

Spring-enhanced shot blasting machine, professional for spring shot blasting strengthening.

Roller wool shot blasting machine

Roller wool shot blasting machine, the roll surface shot blasting, increase the friction coefficient.

Anchor chain shot blasting machine

Ship anchor chain shot blasting machine, after the production of the anchor chain through the shot to strengthen the rust treatment, improve service life

Above list of several special shot blasting equipment, the production of such equipment on the manufacturer's technology research and development, production experience has a higher demand, Huasheng Tai company with years of non-standard shot blasting machine development experience, a large number of customer cases, On the special shot blasting machine to further develop, to solve a large number of customers Shot demand.

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