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Sandblasting Room And Shot The Difference Between Where
Jun 28, 2017

Configuration and Characteristics of Pneumatic Recycling Sandblasting Room

Pneumatic recovery sandblasting room is also called environmental wind recycling recycling sandblasting room, sandblasting by the body, dust removal system, sandblasting system, abrasive recovery system, control system, lighting system, conveyor carts and other major components.

Pneumatic recovery sandblasting room is also divided into full gas recovery sandblasting room and semi-recovery sandblasting room. Full strength of the sandblasting room in the whole body is the floor of the floor is the honeycomb floor, sandblasting regardless of where the sand material spray, will fall into the honeycomb floor, and then through the abrasive recovery system to the storage box, waiting to add again spray Sand host, to complete the automatic recovery and recycling process; and some customers in the blasting project, because the capital budget is not enough or do not want to put too high costs, so they will choose to do semi-recycling sandblasting room, according to sandblasting workers In the direction of the sandblasting work sand, in the majority of sand where the place to do a honeycomb floor, so that most of the sand material will fall directly into the honeycomb floor, the remaining splash out a small amount of sand material by the sandblasting workers themselves sweep To the honeycomb floor, and then through the abrasive recovery system to the storage box.

There is another part of the sandblasting room have to say, that is, dust removal system. In the whole sandblasting room, the dust removal system is still very important, depending on the size of the room to choose the size of the dust collector and the size of the dust fan, if not configured dust collector or dust collector configuration is too small, then directly lead to sandblasting The dust inside the room to stay, affecting the blasting workers line of sight, can not determine whether the workpiece sandblasting clean.

Pneumatic recovery type sandblasting room is mainly used in the area of large area of sandblasting processing, such as containers, welded steel structure, large forging parts, construction machinery, etc., because in the plant area sandblasting work must meet the national emission standards, So sandblasting room is your must.

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