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Precautions For Operation Of Shot Blasting Machine
Jan 04, 2017

All shot blasting machine in the installation process must comply with the following code:

1, the host in place: the host in place when the level of its degree of weight must meet the drawing requirements.

2, sub-components should be installed from bottom to top.

3, rail-or catenary, roller-type equipment should be caused by the external.

4, the test should be part of the pre-test, normal and then all the operation.operators in the operation of the shot blasting machine equipment must pay attention to the process of its electric cabinet instrument display is normal.

5, all into the shot blasting room staff must wear eye protection glasses and helmets.

6, the operator must check the equipment on a daily basis.

These include: lubrication and mechanical parts.

Lubrication parts such as: reducer, hydraulic, oil mist and bearing chain.

Mechanical parts such as: rotating parts wear, wearing parts wear.

Example: Shot blasting machine if there is vibration must be replaced immediately stop the blade

Wear the daily registration of the situation, and the timely replacement of wearing parts.

1, part of the lubrication should ensure timely refueling.

2, directional sets must be promptly adjusted and replaced.

3, check the amount of steel shot every day is enough.

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