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Overhead Conveyors Chains Shot Blasting Machine
Mar 25, 2017

Photy hook type shot blasting machine is composed of shot blasting machine, shot blasting chamber, hook conveyor, pill material lifting equipment, pill dust separator, pellet circulation mechanism, dust filter and electric control box. Hook rotation, when the device detects the workpiece into the set after the ejection station, open the pill system, began to throw shot, the workpiece hook hanging in the hook on the shot in the studio slowly rotating, rotating the workpiece surface Exposed to the shot peening, steel shot through the shot blasting machine on the surface of the workpiece for rust, to strengthen the work; to complete the rust, strengthen the work of the steel shot into the recovery bucket with the motor drive.

1, green, no pollution at work

2, the layout of two shot blasting machine, completely solve the complex dead ends of the workpiece, the workpiece surface uniform.

3, a high degree of automation, shot blasting, workpiece feed, workpiece rotation, the workpiece cycle, pill material cycle, dust filter are automatically completed.

4, hook with positioning, timing out, into, can be adjusted for different parts.

5, the device set the interlock function, must be set in order to start the device to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, will not cause malfunction or accident due to misuse.

6, practical, different types of workpiece can be handled.

7, the processing level is high, can reach sa2.5 level.

Equipment sub-cycle hook and double hook two series of conveyor roller machine, a number of models, the specific selection by the workpiece size and work requirements and set.

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