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Mechanical Recycling Sandblasting Room Configuration And Characteristics
Jun 28, 2017

Mechanical recovery of sandblasting room by sandblasting the body, sandblasting and protection parts, abrasive recovery system, dust removal system, the workpiece conveyor system, control systems, lighting systems and other components. Mechanical recovery of sandblasting room and the strength back to the sand sandblasting room, return to sand in different ways, other systems are roughly the same. Sandblasting body, including steel structure body, maintenance ladder, work gates, safety side doors, observation windows, wall protective layer, lighting systems, floor grille and other components. Sandblasting and protection parts include sandblasting host, electric remote control device, sandblasting protective clothing (including adjustable temperature sandblasting hat, breathing filter, etc.). Abrasive recovery system includes bucket elevator, screw conveyor, sand and dust separation part, storage hopper part. Dust removal system includes suction, dust pipe, modular filter dust collector, dust fan, dust chimney and other parts. The workpiece conveying system uses the trolley transportation, the control system includes the electric cabinet box, the wireless remote control Sandblasting Room, the material level detector, the pulse blows the dust, the door position security protection and so on. Lighting system using the top metal halide, such as lighting, excellent lighting. Features are as follows:

1, the main electrical components using well-known brand products, stable performance, long life, safe and reliable, easy maintenance;

2, the body corrosion resistance and good waterproof, sound insulation effect is good, simple and beautiful appearance;

3, blasting wireless remote control, intelligent and convenient;

4, without the need to manually spread the sand material into the sandblasting machine, automatic screw conveyor, through the hoist to the sand material mentioned in the storage hopper, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers;

5, the key wear parts of the standard modular configuration, and easy maintenance and replacement, to avoid the heavy maintenance work;

6, Sandblasting Room the overall technical performance of advanced, dust emissions meet and lower than the national and local environmental requirements, completely put an end to environmental pollution.

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