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Maintenance Of Roller Shot Blasting Machine
Jan 04, 2017

1, the annual maintenance:

(2) Check the lubrication of all bearings, and add new grease: Check the cylinder airway rust and oil accumulation, if the corrosion is serious, the replacement, if the oil more, then the cleaning (1) repair all the motor bearings; ; (3) replacement or welding repair plate within the projectile area; (4) overhaul dust remover, if damaged replace, if more than clean sticky ash.

2, the quarter of maintenance:

(1) Check the tightness of the fixing bolts and flange connection of the motor, sprocket, fan, screw conveyor; (2) Check the integrity of the bearing and the control box; (3) Replace the new high-speed grease; (4) Check the abrasive wear plate wear.

3, the monthly maintenance:

(2) Check the fan and air pipe wear and fixation; (3) Check the parts of the connection of the bolt fixation. (1) Check the transmission parts are working properly, and lubricate the chain;

4, the daily maintenance:

(3) the status of each limit switch is normal; (4) clean the dust on the electrical control box (1) the abrasive wear parts within the abrasive, and timely replacement; (2) the console lights work is normal; (6) whether the dust duct leakage phenomenon, the dust bag in the dust bag or broken; (7) whether the door is closed (5) the shot blasting machine and the motor bolts on the loose; ; (9) whether the electric control for the gate valve is closed; (10) shot blasting chamber board wear situation.

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