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Maintenance Of Belt Shot Blast Machine
May 19, 2017

Crawler-type shot blasting machine for multi-species, large and medium parts of the surface of the workpiece rust or shot to strengthen. The workpiece must be not afraid of the collision of a single 25kg below the casting and heat treatment pieces. Can be used alone, can also be used wiring. Is widely used in many industries to enhance the surface treatment equipment.

Net Belt Shot Blast Machine is designed according to user requirements and a new type of special equipment, is a clean disc, sheet, cast, body, structural parts of the shot blasting cleaning equipment. It can be the original state of the steel and cast the surface of the strong shot blasting, remove the rust layer, welding slag and scale, so that uniform uniform metallic luster to improve the quality of steel coating and anti-corrosion effect. The net Belt Shot Blast Machine is mainly used in automobile, aerospace, railway and machinery manufacturing industry. I produced by the company's continuous development of metal mesh Belt Shot Blast Machine, so that parts to automatically, continuous uninterrupted way through the rotation, to accept a number of directions shot blasting cleaning, hub-type throw to maximize the shot blasting efficiency, and to avoid parts Collide with each other and damage the surface of the part.

 1,Belt Shot Blast Machine before starting to check the shot inside the rubber track, wall lining, etc., immediately replace the wear.

 2, on the shot blasting machine guard, leaves, impeller, directional sets, sub-ball round, seals each class to check, if damaged and timely replacement.

(1), check the blade wear and found that the blade wear serious, should be replaced promptly, replace the leaves should pay attention to the symmetry of the two leaves at the same time replacement, weight less than 5g, so that the impeller operation has a greater vibration.

(2), Belt Shot Blast Machine the orientation sleeve is fixed on the shot blasting machine. If you turn the orientation sleeve, you can change the throw direction of the projectile, the directional sleeve and the impeller center line to determine the radial scattering angle of the projectile, usually about 45 degrees. When the rectangular window wears about 5 mm, it must be 5 mm away from the scale finger), such as re-wear of about 5 mm, then turn back 5 mm, then turn back 5 mm, continue Use, when the window wear should be replaced, otherwise the projectile radial scattering angle will increase, speed up the protection of the guard, reduce the cleaning effect.

(3), sub-ball wheel fixed on the spindle with the impeller with the rotation, the sub-round is easy to wear parts, sub-ball round diameter wear more than 15 mm should be replaced, the projectile radial scattering angle also increased, Guarding the board, reducing the cleaning effect.

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