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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Belt Shot Blast Machine
Jun 28, 2017

The use of Belt Shot Blast Machine operators must go through the process of professional training, and if the rigorous training, the Belt Shot Blast Machine function and personality must be a detailed understanding of the supporting instructions of the use of flashback model Including maintenance and repair must be familiar with, and the use of the staff is not my machine Do not use the touch switch control, etc., is very easy to make life accidental changes, professional staff to wear protective clothing, and the use of specific eyes, Regular maintenance of the shaft. Such as cleaning the dust inside, etc., to guard against the operation is the emergence of obstruction, if equipped with abnormal sound during the operation or a part of the overheating time, the use of staff must turn off the switch, looking for shot blasting machine repair staff Look, the staff to do with the safety of the production, the strict transfer system, if the work finished, it should first stop the machine, and then clean up the workplace, and then came to the skills, Still running, shot blasting machine price waste.

Belt Shot Blast Machine by high-speed projectile impact on the surface of the workpiece to wear a strong wear equipment, high-speed projectile once flying out may damage or damage the nearby architectural glass. Therefore, to ensure safe production, the establishment of regular inspection and maintenance system is very important.

1, after each class should be Belt Shot Blast Machine sweep again.

2, should always check the cleaning room in the guard and shot blasting machine directional sets, sub-balls and other wear and tear, if serious wear and tear, should be replaced immediately.

3, the machine before the operation, where the movement of the parts are required to lubricate the shot on the spindle bearings, 2 # calcium-based grease once a week. Screw conveyor, the elevator on the bearing, plus 2 # calcium-based grease once a month. The remaining bearings every 3 to 6 months plus 2 # calcium-based grease once. Chain and other activities of the site once a week, once the mechanical oil, the motor lubrication on demand lubrication.

4, regularly check each transmission parts, cleaning parts, replace the wear parts.

5, Belt Shot Blast Machine in the inspection and maintenance, you must cut off the power to avoid accidents.

6, the machine work 48 hours to check the fan, and remove the dust attached to the wheel, to ensure smooth operation of the fan and service life.

7, cleaning room of the guard plate can be replaced regularly according to the situation, the replacement, the protection of the plate should be installed in the control of the gap within 1.5 mm.

8, the track replacement, the front door open, remove all the interference pieces, with 10 # steel bars to do four hooks from the upper part of the body of the hole to the drive shaft and track suspension, the crawler from the door into the pressure.

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