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Is It Possible To Choose A Used Shot Blasting Machine?
Oct 25, 2017

Some businesses in the purchase of shot blasting machine when the second-hand shot blasting machine equipment, I pointed out that both from the economic or quality aspects of the consideration, the purchase of second-hand shot blasting machine is a very unwise choice.

Shot blasting machine is a self-mutilation of the equipment, the need for regular maintenance (such as the replacement of wearing parts, etc.), second-hand equipment Needless to say that has been used for some time, all kinds of wear parts have been worn to a certain extent, if the manufacturers Buy a second-hand equipment, the first is the need to replace all kinds of wearing parts, wear-resistant parts, this investment is not a small amount, and that is the need to completely overhaul again, because the shot blasting machine after a period of use, The use of the situation need to thoroughly check, generally like second-hand equipment, after-sales service will be interrupted, after all, the equipment provider is the first device with the purchaser signed a contract.

The purchase of second-hand shot blasting machine is a worthwhile decision-making, the original buyers want to save costs, but apologize, the latter part of the maintenance costs are much higher. So I suggest you carefully buy second-hand shot blasting machine.

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