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How To Prolong The Lifespan Of Hook Type Shot Blasting Machine
Jan 04, 2017

How to extend the life of hook-type shot blasting machine:

1, check the transfer of work between employees before the record.

2, check whether there are debris into the machine, timely removal to prevent congestion caused by transmission equipment failure.

3, before the operation of each class to inspect the second board, leaves, impeller, rubber curtain, directional sets, rollers and other wearing parts wear, and timely replacement.

4, check the movement of the electrical components with the bolt connection is loose, tighten in time.

5, shot blasting machine equipment, oiling points regularly check the various parts of the filling oil is in line with regulations.

6, on the shot blasting machine room body board to check every day, there should be replaced immediately.

7, the operator should always check the clean-up effect, if any abnormalities should be immediately shut down, and the equipment for the overall inspection.

8, the operator must check before starting the control cabinet (panel) of all types of switches in the desired setting position (including the power switch) and then to boot, so as not to malfunction, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, resulting in equipment damage.

9, seals must be checked every day, if damaged immediately replaced.

10, often check the quality of steel cleaning, if necessary, adjust the projectile shot angle and roller conveyor speed, but also to the correct operating procedures in accordance with the operation.

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