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How To Operate And Maintain Conveyor Belt Shot Blasting Machine?
Apr 14, 2017

1. Scope of application - Conveyor Belt Shot Blasting Machine:

This procedure specifies the operating rules of shot blasting machine conveyor belt and the equipment maintenance and decoration.

2. Operating procedures:

2.1 Operation flow:

(1) Preparation: Check shot blasting machine belt is abnormal, whether the transport track foreign body, compressed air is ready (open air compressor or gas pipeline valve), external power supply is connected and other routine inspection, Spreader, sand transport pipeline is intact, sandblasting with sand is sufficient, and then open the electrical cabinet door, open the main power, close the electrical cabinet door.

(2) lifting the components to be cleaned: select the appropriate hook, the components will be shot to hang the hook on the hook (Note: before and after the left and right as much as possible to balance the suspension, to prevent movement when the collision or stuck in the machine inside).

(3) start the machine: wear protective equipment, followed by opening in addition to the fan, shot blasting machine, hoist, began to clean up.

(4) according to the work instructions for sandblasting operations.

(5) clean up, followed by stop crawler shot blasting machine, stop the hook rotation, stop the hoist.

(6) the door open, the hook out of the outdoor unloading.

(7) dust removal system stop (such as continue to clean up non-stop)

(8) to clean up the ground and tunnel iron sand and recovery, close the main power and gas source, pack up a good hook and other appliances, good health transfer work.

2.2 safe operation requirements:

(1) It is forbidden to operate tumble belt shot blast machine without protective equipment.

(2) When the blasting machine is not completely stopped, it is not allowed to enter the cleaning room.

(3) periodically open the dust pulse back to make it clear. After the shutdown to extend the dust pulse backflush time 30 minutes.

(4) It is forbidden to turn on each control switch continuously in a state where the interval time is short. To prevent the current is too large to burn the instrument.

(5) regularly check the wear parts of the wear and tear, the regular cleaning of the filter and pills at the garbage.

(6) in the process of lifting the body should not be placed under the components, as far as possible into the direction of falling components, pay attention to lifting safety.

(7) electric crane should be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures of lifting facilities operation.

(8) Note slip to fall.

3. Maintenance of Conveyor Belt Shot Blasting Machine: 

The equipment is in poor working conditions and should be maintained in a timely manner.

(1) strict technical track-type shot blasting machine operating procedures to work;

(2) often check the transmission system in the belt and the loose chain, whether there is relaxation and lifting bucket, cleaning room, such as the protection of the plate, such as failure to immediately exclude, before use.

(3) at the end of each class in addition to cleaning equipment, but also to check one by one wearing parts (such as: shot blasting machine), if damaged immediately replaced.

(4) lubricate as specified in the instructions.

(5) regular inspection and maintenance of the machine.

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