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How To Maintain Shot Blast
Jan 04, 2017

Shot blasting machine maintenance:

1, shot blasting points round pillow wheel face wear more than 3MM should be replaced;

2, Shot blasting machine work, should always observe the size of the power supply and make appropriate adjustments to achieve the desired cleaning effect. Shot blasting machine current is too large to turn off the blasting machine in time to prevent the burned motor, identify the cause And then restart.

3, the impeller blade impeller uneven wear will cause high-speed operation of the blasting machine to produce severe vibration. Before each shift to be checked, and check the blade wear, deep groove or wear more than half of the time to replace the blade must be all Symmetrical replacement, the weight of each pair of leaves can not exceed 5 grams;

4, Shot Blast Directional sets of internal deep groove, directional sets of windows were ground to 10MM, when about to be replaced.

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