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How To Identify The Quality Of Shot Blasting Machine Is Good Or Bad
Oct 10, 2017

With the economic development, shot blasting machine has become a lot of mechanical manufacturers indispensable one of the processing machinery, and now the market production of shot blasting machine types of different types, how to identify the buyer has become a more confused place. Qingdao Yoshikawa machinery for you now summed up about 9 points:

1 check the shot blasting machine shot blasting machine is intact

2 to see the welding of the cylinder is fine enough

3 Shot blasting machine should check whether the material of the guard board is durable.

4 mainly to see the effect of cleaning, accessories into the shot blasting chamber after the effect is good shot blasting machine, which is the angle of throwing, shot blasting speed and so have a relationship

5 to see the use of time, the more time to use is certainly an appointment

6 shot blasting room is durable, see what materials do

7 boot when the vibration sound and dust removal effect should also see, do not only achieve the cleaning effect but the workshop workers can not stand

8 check the integrity of the various parts, whether the lack of accessories

9 to see that the manufacturers of production, a lot of manufacturers do not use the machine.

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