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How To Choose And Use Sandblasting Room?
Jun 05, 2017

With the continuous development of China's industrial era, then how do we do in the development of the same time there will not be some of the necessary losses? Today we mainly talk about is how to choose and use sandblasting room?

The role of sandblasting room is the use of compressed air for the power of the work, the main purpose is to be some of the surface of the workpiece to a certain degree of clean, this is to improve the fatigue of these parts, in fact, in the final analysis is to improve the department The role of its better role in part of the work environment.

Now, there are already very good conditions, and sandblasting the site and the surrounding environment has become quite clean, at the same time, the public awareness of environmental protection and environmental protection laws and regulations increasingly sophisticated and strict sandblasting site dust phenomenon Has been taken seriously, not much time, rough open blasting clean-up operations will become history, sandblasting site dust flying phenomenon will eventually become the past.

Good supporting equipment and materials have been able to according to different industries, different parts and different environmental conditions to design a diverse structure, full-featured sandblasting room to meet the special needs of various industries.

The workpiece sent to the sandblasting room for sandblasting to clean up the benefit of environmental protection, its greatest significance is to make clean-up operations in the most economical conditions. Changes in weather conditions will no longer have a negative impact on the process of cleaning up the work, the efficiency will be greatly improved. The working environment of the workers has been greatly improved, good ventilation conditions to improve the visibility within the scope of operations, sandblasting workers can keep abreast of the quality of surface cleaning, reduce rework. But also to clean up the indoor temperature and humidity to be effectively controlled, so that sandblasting cleaning operations can be in any weather and environmental conditions, smooth and planned to carry out.

Sandblasting room application:

Sandblasting room decorated: all metal products and non-metallic products (plastic, crystal, glass, etc.) to eliminate the surface traces of argon fog surface treatment, the product surface to enhance the grade.

Strengthen: increase the surface hardness of metal parts, eliminate stress, such as aircraft blades, springs, machining tools and weapons and other surface treatment.

Sandblasting room pretreatment: electroplating, painting, spraying and so on all covered by sandblasting before processing, the surface is absolutely clean, while greatly improving the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the cover.

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