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How Reasonable Maintenance Sandblasting Room
Oct 10, 2017

In the use of Sandblasting Room, if you do not pay attention to the maintenance of Sandblasting Room, it may make the blasting machine life is reduced or even in the use of Sandblasting Room in the process of security incidents, and now we will say How should maintenance, Sandblasting Room.

1, should be a weekly Sandblasting Room for a simple maintenance, to cut off the power of the blasting machine to stop the work of Sandblasting Room, remove the blasting machine nozzle, if the blasting machine nozzle to expand the diameter of more than 1.6 mm or the nozzle of the lining there is a crack, be sure to replace, if the blasting machine installed with a water filter to check the filter regularly, clean the cup.

2, if there is time to boot check the blasting machine to see how much time it is exhausted when the exhaust is, if the exhaust time was significantly extended, then the filter and silencer which may accumulate too much Dust, be sure to clean up in time.

3, to the weekly Sandblasting Room for a simple maintenance, but also should be checked once a month Sandblasting Room. For each month of the inspection must be meticulous observation, Sandblasting Room is not a part of the phenomenon of aging wear, if there are these phenomena can be cleaned up in time to clean up, need to be replaced immediately The

In short, must be regularly on the Sandblasting Room maintenance, including qigong remote control system, these safety devices must also be checked regularly. Only the regular inspection of these parts can ensure that the Sandblasting Room in each use can be relatively safe, there will not be some security incidents, the controller will not fail. But before the maintenance of Sandblasting Room must be Sandblasting Room inside the compressed air first clean off the valve, and put the safety signs.

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