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Heat Treatment Process Of Wear Parts For Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine
Jul 10, 2017

Steel pipe shot blasting machine is the material is generally cast iron, cast iron production In addition to the appropriate selection of gifted components to get the organization, the heat treatment is to further adjust and improve the matrix to improve the performance of cast iron is an important way. Steel pipe shot blasting machine heat treatment and steel heat buried at the same place, there are differences. The heat treatment of the wear parts of the steel pipe shot blasting machine generally can not improve the morphology and distribution of the graphite in the original organization. For gray cast iron, the stress concentration effect caused by flake graphite is a factor that plays a leading role in cast iron performance, so the effect of heat treatment on gray cast iron is much less remarkable than that of steel and ductile iron. So the Friends of the cast iron heat treatment process is mainly annealing, normalizing and so on. For ductile iron, because the graphite was spherical, the separation of the matrix greatly reduced, through the heat treatment can make the organization for the full play a role, which can significantly improve the mechanical properties of steel pipe shot blasting machine parts. As the steel is like steel, the heat treatment process has annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, multi-temperature quenching, induction heating and quenching and surface chemical heat treatment.

Shot blasting machine mainly through one or more sand to fight the surface of the metal, thereby eliminating some of the metal surface attachments, such as rust, etc., and sometimes through the shot blasting to get a specific surface layer. Shot blasting media can be a variety of sand, silicon carbide particles, small ball, etc. Shot blasting machine is the raw material of the steel sand through the rotation of the blade to the surface of the material, so the shot blasting machine accessories on the shot blasting machine Function plays a decisive role.

Shot blasting machine is mainly composed of four departments, the first part of the shot blasting machine is generally high-speed rotation of the impeller will be under the action of high centrifugal force in a certain direction of the projectile in the work of this process, some shot blasting machine for a certain angle Swing or up and down the second part of the projectile collection, sub-location and transportation system.The third part of the casting process in the shot blasting process continuously running and flip the carrier; the last part is the dust removal system. Pill machine components on the group to see, shot blasting machine equipment mainly cleaning equipment, mainly used for cleaning down rust and dust. There are sand processing equipment, dust removal equipment, modeling equipment.

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