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China's Shot Blasting Machine Standards How To Do With International Standards
Sep 22, 2017

Third-rate enterprises to sell coolies, second-rate enterprises to sell products, first-class enterprises to sell patents, super-class enterprises to sell the standard, which is an indisputable fact, Shandong Huasheng Tai shot blasting machine that really want to do and international standards, must break the routine, Trade friction, break through technical barriers, which is indispensable to the development of the facts.

At the same time domestic and international market misconduct, but also make shot blasting machine industry advance and retreat. Domestic and foreign shot blasting machine prices "scissors" to overcapacity of the domestic shot blasting machine industry keen to export, but more exports have anti-dumping and domestic shot blasting machine prices rise concerns. On the other hand, the industry and the market are worried about whether the suppression of exports will "turn the collapse of the domestic market." Market fluctuations, hype space constantly, industrial restructuring is difficult to have a fundamental progress. It can be said that the volatility of the market is the fragmentation of the industrial layout of the soil. This soil does not change, the industrial concentration of the change is impossible.

After strategic adjustment, China gradually recovered its land while consolidating its dominance, entered a stable development period, so that the blasting machine business to reproduce the extraordinary vitality, and to help our country in the late 20th century to achieve up to ten years The development of gold. Technological innovation is the power of our country to start shot blasting machine business, China's shot blasting machine business emphasizes the use of new technology, with automated assembly line, from the business unit of efficient operation began in the entire enterprise to establish large-scale production lines, Manufacturers are redesigning production lines to improve efficiency and replace machines as much as possible.

Our proposal: targeting high value-added products, with our high-tech advantages to resist the pressure caused by high labor costs. At the same time, China's profitable shot blasting machine enterprises, including biotechnology, pharmaceutical and precision textile and other industries, has accumulated a solid strength, but also produced a lot of employment opportunities, China's shot blasting machine industry, the industrial structure has also undergone great changes The

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