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Base Process Of Pavement Shot Blasting Machine
Oct 25, 2017

At present, the domestic use of more backward surface treatment methods include: artificial storage pulp, wire brush, chisel hair, etc., can not do clean operation, 100% of the wound, no damage to the aggregate, while the construction efficiency is low.

At present, the more advanced base surface treatment process is - road shot blasting machine shot blasting, through the mechanical principle, the use of high-speed rotation of the shotcrumbs to the high-speed throwing the need to deal with the base surface to throw the impact, Supporting the dust removal equipment to achieve the separation of pellets and dust.

In the current domestic, shot blasting process is widely used in bridge deck waterproof construction, steel box beam anti-corrosion construction, concrete and asphalt pavement conservation and other fields.

Incorrect base treatment technology and methods will seriously affect the base surface with the above surface materials, coating materials, waterproof material bonding effect, seriously restricting the performance of the material itself to play, thus causing serious damage to the quality of the project. Among them are: waterproof bridge, concrete cover (white to black), asphalt cover (micro-surface, slurry seal, etc.) and other functional cover.

Pavement shot blasting for the early detection of concrete flaws to prevent the disease has played a significant role.

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