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Automatic Control Technology In Shot Blasting Machine Application
Nov 03, 2017

Describes the blasting unit of the process and technical parameters, describes the specific functions of PLC control system, the control system put into operation, the effect is good.

1 Process Introduction

Shot blasting machine mainly include roller table and the upper roller, 4 sets of 45 ° staggered with the horizontal line shot blasting machine, 2 sets of spiral shot pill machine, 2 sets of material hoist, 1 set to pill valve control mechanism , As well as the pill material purification and dust removal equipment. Blasting machine layout shown in Figure 1, after the round bar shot blasting unit, the table can be removed from the oxide scale.

When the bar passes through the shot blasting unit, shots are shot through the shot blasting unit at the four quadrants to polish the bar table. After shot blasting pellets and sundries, by their own weight Bu Department of pills into the bad, and through the screw receiving pill machine, the material will be sent to the hoist of the material hoisting machine, pill material through the hoist belt scraper Upgrade to the top of the unit, and unloaded to the fixed bolus plate into the sorting screen. The sieve screened large iron oxide scale and its impurities, and artificial discharge regularly. The pellets and dust off the sieve Bu. Here, due to the role of the exhaust fan, the shot pellets dust particles away with the wind. Normal pellets return to the pill silo. After shot blasting, the quality of the bar reaches Asg 2.5 ~ 3.0 and the maximum noise of the equipment does not exceed 85 dB.

2 control system

2.1 HMI function

In the field operation box, the Siemens OP3 is installed and the board is connected to the S7-300 PLC via the Profibus-Dp communication line. In the operation of the board, set the bar diameter, transmission roller speed, bar length, but also to monitor the communication status.

2.2 PLC function

PLC using Siemens S7-300, this system has a local and remote, automatic and manual functions.

Automatic process First, 1 # shot blasting machine start, after Y / △ run, delay 5 s, 2 # shot blasting machine start, Y / △ run, then delay Ss, and so on, 3 #, 4 # Shot blasting machine started in 4 shot blasting machine operation, followed by respectively start two spiral shot pill machine and two pill material hoist. This start to avoid the impact on the grid.

Manual process can operate the button on the box, respectively, control four shot blasting machine start and stop, two spiral shot pill machine and hoist start and stop.

Equipment start interlocking Each side of the equipment has a maintenance door, any side door is not closed, then 4 shot blasting unit can not start. Or, when the equipment is running, when either side door is opened, the four shot blasting machines will stop working and play a safety role.

2.3 bar transmission system

Shot blasting machine roller by the 5 motor components, the use of Continental inverter control, inverter given by the PLC program to calculate, control the motor speed, the size of the speed set by the operation board. According to process requirements, different thickness of the bar, the speed varies.

During the shot blasting of bars between Φ16 and Φ35 mm, three upper rolls work to prevent slippage of the thin bars on the roller table. Three pressure rollers are controlled by the encoder on the entrance of the shot blasting machine and on the roller table 3 #. Through the PLC program operation, to judge, when the bar to run between 1 # and 2 # roller, 1 # on the pressure roller Bu; when running to 2 # and 3 # roller, 2 # on the pressure roller When running 4 # and 5w roller between the time, 3 # on the pressure roller Bu; when the bar left the equipment, the three pressure roller lift all.

2.4 pill material given system

There is a dial on the control box, scale from 0% to 100%, used to control the size of the pneumatic proportional valve opening. Adjust the number of shots into the four shot blasting machine, the different thickness of the bar, the number of shots different. At the same time, also consider the bar after shot blasting the surface roughness, if not meet the requirements, increase the number of pills expected monthly.

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