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Application Of Pneumatic Switch Door Installation For Hook Shot Blasting Machine
Jul 10, 2017

Hook-type shot blasting machine working order: hook load the workpiece, relying on the top of the electric hoist will be sent to the shot blasting room, shot blasting machine open, the top of the autopilot device, clean up the workpiece after the clean room, remove the clean up Of the workpiece.

A lot of time for the loading and unloading of the workpiece, affecting the overall clean-up efficiency. Huasheng Tai company to increase the electric hoist customers, the use of double hook design, while loading the workpiece, while cleaning, cleaning the workpiece after the other side of the workpiece loaded into the shot blasting room, so the cycle, so that the shot with the loading and unloading parts synchronization get on. The installation of pneumatic door system, reduce labor intensity, but also to avoid the accident caused by forgetting to close the door.

When adjusting the shot blasting machine of the hook-type shot blasting machine, it should be noted that the orientation sleeve position of the blasting machine should make the projectile projecting all over the workpiece to be cleaned, otherwise it will affect the cleaning efficiency. The location of the orientation window, if necessary, can be coated with a black ink on a piece of wood or laying a thick paper, placed in the position of the workpiece to be cleaned, start shot blasting machine, artificial shot blasting machine into the tube into a small amount Of the projectile, check the location of the projectile belt, such as the location of the throwing area is not correct, should be adjusted to set the ideal position to prevail. After adjusting the orientation sleeve, the load test can be carried out, after 30 minutes of shot blasting and then add 400Kg of the projectile

Maintenance tips

1. Carefully check the transfer records between employees carefully before work. Check whether there are debris into the machine, in a timely manner to prevent the blockage of the transmission caused by equipment failure.

2. Before the operation of each class for the second inspection guard, leaves, impellers, rubber curtains, directional sets, rollers and other wear parts wear and tear, timely replacement. Check the electrical moving parts with the bolt connection is loose, timely tightening. Shot blasting machine equipment to regularly check the various parts of the filling oil is in line with the provisions. Seals must be checked every day, such as damaged immediately replaced.

3. Operators on the clean-up effect should always check, if any should immediately stop, and the equipment for the overall inspection. Before starting, you must check whether the various types of switches in the control cabinet (including the power switch) and then to boot, so as not to malfunction, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, resulting in equipment damage.

4. Always check the quality of steel cleaning, if necessary, adjust the projectile projectile angle and roller conveyor speed, but also to operate in accordance with the correct operating procedures.

The above is the Qingdao Yoshikawa mechanical products hook-type shot blasting machine maintenance should pay attention to the trick.

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