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Accurately Grasp The Direction Of Shot Blasting Machine Market
Jul 19, 2017

Shot blasting machine industry is an important pillar industry of the national economy in the foundry industry, steel mills, shipyards, mold industry, automobile manufacturing industry, valve factory, motorcycle factory, metal factory, electroplating factory, steel structure construction, bearing factory, pavement engineering And other industries, shot blasting machine as a surface treatment equipment for the rapid socio-economic development occupies an important position, so the shot blasting machine manufacturing industry as an important basis for the country's independent industrial system, but also reflects the comprehensive development of social industry an important symbol. China's shot blasting machine equipment manufacturers must seize the good opportunity for development. And how to do bigger and bigger, so that innovation and research and development, accurate grasp of the market direction, the domestic shot blasting machine industry is facing enormous challenges, on the one hand continue to provide product quality and technical services, on the other hand continue to increase scientific research , In the annual launch of new patented technology, the new top equipment, standing in the forefront of the domestic shot blasting machine manufacturing, has become China's shot blasting machine production and export base, the domestic casting industry, one of the best manufacturers.

What are the precautions for using the shot blasting machine:

Shot blasting machine was first used for casting, forging pieces and other sticky sand and scale removal. Mainly the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller to throw out the mortar high-speed hit the surface of the parts, to meet the requirements of surface treatment.

1, the operation of the equipment strict implementation of fixed posts training posts, familiar with the machine performance and characteristics.

2, familiar with the use of shot blasting machine operating procedures, use, repair and maintenance.

3, the operator must check the control cabinet (panel) all types of switches in the required location (including the power switch) and then to boot, so as not to malfunction, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, resulting in equipment accidents.

4, non-local operators are not free to operate or touch the electrical switch control area, and not close to the machine work area, so as to avoid accidents.

5, the operator must wear protective clothing, glasses and so on.

6, the operator starts with special attention to all kinds of panel instructions, until all the instructions to reach the normal value, in order to operate a small crane (roller) into the work process. If the individual instrument indicates that there is a large error (not normal) immediately shut down. Check the equipment failure to work properly after the boot.

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