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The Application of Shot Blasting Machine in Stamping and Casting
Jan 04, 2017

For the stamping and casting, the use of shot blasting machine is also very popular, because it can make the use of stamping and casting is very uniform, and the use of the process, as long as the master instructions and methods, then this machine will be very Simple, to share experience, is also irreplaceable, so that you choose not to regret it, because his presence can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Most of the time we use the shot blasting machine always has its own experience, or their own ideas, if it is the general direction of the correct idea, then you can try, if you change the machine principle and related technical ideas, then the And technical personnel must communicate, not a last resort not to use the technology innovation, if you have to do so, it is best to conduct an online simulation test run.

Operation of the shot blasting machine friends will certainly feel great for this large machine kind, because it makes everything flat, and the projectile collection system, and projectile launch system are very interesting, at least most workers will think of a child to play Slingshot feeling and scene.

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