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Shot blasting machine routine maintenance
Jan 04, 2017

1, shot blasting machine maintenance

(1) the machine should be regularly maintenance, attention to maintenance and lubrication.

(2) during maintenance is strictly prohibited tools, screws and other debris left in the machine.

(3) is strictly prohibited in the pit by the wet, pay attention to playing the rust caking.

(4) the machine running at any time to remove the separator, the dust inside the waste to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

2, check the machine before and after operation

(1) Before the operation to check the board, rubber curtains, rollers and other wearing parts wear, and timely replacement.

(2) Check the cooperation of the moving parts, bolts linkage is loose, tighten in time.

(3) Check whether there are debris fell on the machine, timely removal to prevent congestion caused by transmission equipment failure.

(4) Check the lubrication of each part is in line with regulations.

(5) before the boot room when no one confirmed room in order to prepare to start.

(6) to the correct operation according to the rules.

(7) to start the machine before the signal to the attention of personnel near the machine protection.

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