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Shot blasting machine has those advantages
Jan 04, 2017

Shot blasting machine in the case of high-speed rotation of the impeller projectile out of a certain direction, at work, the shot blasting machine swing angle can be adjusted. Shot blasting machine in the transport, separation, collection system, casting in the clean-up time can continue to work and flip, the machine also has a dust removal system. There are many types of shot blasting machine, drum-type shot blasting machine is the projectile thrown to the drum, in the case of continuous flip to achieve the purpose of cleaning, drum-type suitable for small parts clean, the general castings in 15 kg; Of the shot blasting machine is used in large castings, and suitable for many varieties, as long as 150 kg of the following castings can be used; there is a model hook type, hook type shot blasting machine is the most basic models , In general, for medium or large castings, heat treatment pieces, weldments, etc., but also irregular shape and easy to break the workpiece can also use the hook-type shot blasting machine for shot blasting.

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