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Shot blasting machine for which industries?
Jan 04, 2017

1. Automobile factory: According to the automobile factory's work requirements, the use of steel, some casting parts are required to be polished, but can not damage the strength of steel, the original shape, casting appearance to ensure clean and beautiful appearance As a result, the car parts are not very regular, it requires different polishing machines to complete. Shot machines need to use: roller, turntable, crawler, through shot blasting cleaning machinery, different mechanical processing of different parts ;

2. Hardware factory, electroplating factory: As the hardware and electroplating factories require the workpiece surface is clean, smooth, smooth, shot blasting machine can solve these problems. Hardware factory workpiece smaller. Suitable for use with drum-type shot blasting machine and crawler-type shot blasting machine, according to the circumstances.Electroplating factory if the clean-up of small parts, the amount is large, you can use track-type shot blasting machine to complete the workpiece In addition to embroidery polishing;

3. Mopei plant: As the smaller motorcycle parts, suitable for use of drum-type shot blasting machine, if the volume is great, the use of hook-type or crawler-type line;

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