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Selection Method of Solidification Principle of Shot Blasting Machine
Jan 04, 2017

Shot blasting machine solidification principle of choice is mainly based on the technical requirements of casting, wall thickness, material and other factors determine its solidification principle.

① In addition to static load, but also by the power of action, to ensure the safety of the use of castings to withstand the pressure of the fluid does not allow seepage of the castings or surface roughness requirements of high casting and casting requirements of other dense castings, such as cylinder , High-pressure boring doors or gears, etc.) or solidification of the order of solidification.

② thick or uneven ear castings, when the material is no solidification expansion and tend to layer by layer solidification of the casting alloy should be used in order to solidify.

③ carbon, silicon content of the high gray cast iron, the casting solidification, although the full expansion of the stone, not easy to shrinkage and shrinkage should be used at the same time solidification.

④ ductile iron using solidification of the graphitization expansion force to achieve self-Park shrink (that is, to achieve no riser casting) should be selected while solidification.

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