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Roller - type shot blasting machine common faults
Jan 04, 2017

Roller-type shot blasting machine common faults and treatment methods are as follows:

Problem 1: the drum does not turn

Performance: the cylinder does not turn, care wheel is still running, care wheel wear is very serious, the barrel track grinding out of depression.

Solution: Check the workpiece load, not exceeding the required weight. Check the frame for any foreign objects or workpieces and jam the rollers.

Question 2: drum deviation

Performance: Road rail and the inner circle of the care wheel has bite, track damage.

Approach: adjust the top wheel bearing wheel bearing, so that the drum in normal operation.

Problem three: dust effect is poor

Performance: equipment, dust leakage.

Solution: Check the dust cover dust cover is off the lower cover, check the wind wheel is worn seriously.

Question four: steel shot is not enough

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