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Introduction of vertical steel plate shot blasting machine
Jan 04, 2017

Chang Jia mechanical health of vertical steel shot blasting machine, through the roller motor frequency control, to complete the intensity of 0.5-3.2 m of the projectile requirements. As the steel plate with vertical layout, the projectile to the steel plate will automatically fall, so there is no horizontal clean-up as the surface of the steel plate on the surface of the impact of the phenomenon of cleaning up the impact of the surface of the plate will not have a projectile, cleaning effect is particularly good. How it works: Steel plate through the roller conveyor system to a closed shot blasting chamber, the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller blast wheel will cut steel shot (projectile) to accelerate the surface of the steel plate, the steel surface impact, scraping to remove the steel surface Of the rust and dirt, while achieving the strengthening of the steel plate, or sand processing purposes, and finally sent out by the roller.

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