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Introduction of hook - type shot blasting machine
Jan 04, 2017

This machine is a hook recycling type shot blasting equipment, double hook lifting parts, to reach the designated location, the front attached room electric door open, gourd walking, when the tail of the workpiece through the annex door, the door closed, 12 shot After cleaning the workpiece through various angles, cleaning is completed, after the door to open the annex room, into the filling room to fill the dust on the workpiece and the workpiece to fill the dead ends Qingwan cleaning, clean-up is completed, the door open door, the workpiece out , Closed; single-type equipment direct unloading, line-type equipment, the workpiece into the coating line; front door closed when the upper parts on the pieces of work, repeat the above action. This equipment can be made into a single type and on-line type (and painted in a line); this article to do a single model.

Q3710 shot blasting machine for the double hook-through shot blasting equipment, from the left and right sealed room, electric door, shot blasting room, make up spray chamber, blasting machine assembly, chain hoist, rail support, System, dust removal system, lighting system and electrical control components.

⑴ left and right sealed room: external steel frame and steel plate, the main room near the 65Mn with protective plate, the rest with wear-resistant plastic plate. Because of its length is greater than the length of the workpiece, so its better sealing.

⑵ shot blasting cleaning room: the external steel frame and steel, all the internal use of cast steel manganese 13, cast manganese 13, wear resistance, long service life.

⑶ shot blasting machine: the use of advanced production technology shot blasting, all wearing pieces of their own production, a unique formula and heat treatment process, so that longer life wearing parts. The machine uses 12 Shot Blast, the simulation of the workpiece to take care of all angles, all-round clean-up, so that the effect of better cleaning up the workpiece.

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