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How to solve shot blasting machine cartridge fire?
Apr 14, 2017

Blast cabinet machine was first used for casting, forging pieces and other sticky sand and oxide removal. Mainly the use of high-speed rotation of the impeller to throw the pill out of high-speed impact parts surface, to meet the requirements of surface treatment.

Grit blasting equipment dust collector operation, there will always be a fire phenomenon. Shot blasting machine cartridge high temperature, resulting in natural fire into the shot blasting machine treatment of steel temperature is generally controlled within 80 ℃. The total power of a single shot blasting machine is generally in the tens to hundreds of kilowatts, most of which will be converted into heat energy, in the production process, the system temperature will gradually increase. At the same time, the material is converted into dust, the specific surface area is increased, and the activity of the material is improved. Under the condition of combustible combustion, the exothermic reaction rate of combustible dust is more than its heat dissipation capacity, and finally the combustion is called natural dust. The finer the dust, the more easily the spontaneous combustion.

Blast cleaning equipment cartridge fire response measures:

1, maintenance of the fire source control. In the subsequent shot blasting machine inside and outside the maintenance operations, strict control of fire, to prevent the line ignition. In the gas welding operation must first clear the surrounding dust, 10 minutes after the operation to start the test or production, while in the vicinity of the shot blasting machine is strictly prohibited smoking or other ignition, to avoid hot particles or sparks are inhaled into the dust.

2, ground protection. The relevant equipment and facilities to maintain a good grounding, the grounding resistance requirements in the range of 1 ~ 4fZ, to avoid the accumulation of electrostatic facilities and equipment; in addition to increased conductivity, with conductive or conductive material instead of high insulation materials, in particular the use of anti-static filter material.

3, regular cleaning of rust to prevent rust and dust deposition, heat accumulation, to clean up the dust in the dust collector, the provisions of each shift must be anti-blowing ash.

4, to improve the operational maintenance personnel risk awareness. On the operation, maintenance personnel theory and practice of knowledge training, so that employees aware of the flammability of rust and dust, in the production pay close attention to the operation of filter-type dust collector.

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